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Renaissance Rome – Let me bring the eternal city to life for you with an overdose of stories and an under dose of dates and data.  This tour gives you an introduction to the most beautiful monuments and squares of the city of Rome –  Trevi fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Campo dei Fiori,  Capotoline hill, Piazza Venezia.  See how Michelangelo used sculpture and architecture to intimidate a Pope, hear about chariot races and ancient rivalries, and who the last person to be burnt at the stake by the Vatican was.   80 Euro pp x 2 hour tour.  140 Euro pp x 4 hour tour (includes stop for coffee and delivery at one of Rome’s top ten lunch venues (see blog)).

Trevi fountain-building

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Ancient Rome – How and why was Rome the center of the known world for so long? How did it have an empire bigger and than any before or since? Transform a bunch of ruins into a living, breathing metropolis and see the spot where Mark Anthony addressed the crowds (“Friends, Romans and Countrymen”) after the death of Julius Caesar, view where the vestal virgins lived and imagine Roman Generals parading under their triumphal arches.  A 2 hour tour of the Roman Forum, the heart of the Roman Empire.  80 Euro pp. 2 hour tour.

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Roman Rooftop bars – Have you just had enough of all that history?  Do you want to sip an Aperol Spritz as the sun sets over the city rooftops? Do you want to admire the  history of Rome from afar with a cool glass of something in your hand?  Have you walked your feet off and just need to sit down?  Don’t feel like you are missing out on culture by joining this tour.  Join the modern Roman cultural tradition of aperitivo (drinks and nibbles) at sunset as the air turns lavender and the eternal city shows you its most magnificent hour.  2 hours and 3 of Romes most spectacular (and not so well known) rooftop bars. Q&A with Author of ‘Roman Daze – La Dolce Vita for all Seasons’ on Roman culture, history and monuments included. Taxi fare between bars, and drinks, not included, 60 Euro pp.

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Garbatella food and wine tour – Tour one of Rome’s most fascinating traditional neighbourhoods.  Only 2 metro stops from the centre lies an historic neighbourhood full of hidden gardens, tranquil piazzas, frothing fountains and some of the cities best food and wine.  Start with breakfast, visit some markets, stop for coffee, walk through the unique streets, have an aperitivo and finish with lunch! 80 Euro pp not including coffee and lunch. (See blog for more details on this unique neighbourhood)

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