Roman Daze – La Dolce Vita for all Seasons, Melbourne Books, 2013

Available at all bookstores nationally within Australia, FAO bookshop and Otherwise Independent bookshop Rome, and via Amazon, Kobo and ibooks.

Click here for a free download of the Prologue and first chapter.

Click to access roman-daze-la-dolce-vita-for-all-seasons.pdf


A beautifully scenic account of one woman’s life-long love affair with Italy. Peppered with stunning imagery and interesting cultural insights, Jackson presents the country’s quirks and eccentricities with the fondness of a local. She takes your hand as she walks the streets of Rome, infects you with her passion for the city and its surrounds, and guides you to all its hidden treasures.

Independent Publishers Australian competition 2012 (IP Picks) Best Creative Non-Fiction: 1st Commended, Bronte Dee Jackson (VIC), Roman Daze

Rome, the eternal city, presents a princely setting for this cultural enquiry …. how do people live here? Bronte Jackson’s journey is one of personal discovery … a perceptive narrative about friendships found; where street markets assume seasonal differences in pasta, wines, and storytelling amongst the neighbours.

Daryl Jackson, Author, Daryl Jackson Architecture: Short Essays

Much travel writing is by experienced journalists based on quick impressions on sponsored trips. Roman Daze is the account of a 17-year love affair with a city. Written in a deceptively easy prose style, it is recommended to both first-time and regular visitors to the Eternal City.

Professor Geoff Burrows, Editor, Insights: Melbourne Business and Economics

Eat, Love, Eat – Hold the Praying! Roman Daze is a wonderful read for anyone interested in food, culture, people, travel, Italy – and especially food! The author has an exquisite ability to describe places, people, and meals so that they come to life.

Liliane Grace, Author, The Mastery Club and The Hidden Order


5 thoughts on “Book

    • Hi Hassan, guess what? My book is finally coming out and will be ready before Christmas. I will announce it via my blog but also let you know when it is ready. Regards Bronte


  1. Well it has taken me a while but I am finally writing my thoughts following my reading of Roman Daze – La Dolce Vita for All Seasons! Bronté this was a experience of Rome and I didn’t have to leave my home here in Melbourne. The descriptive text of places, people and experiences had me reliving my brief time in Rome 12 years ago. If only I had this book to have read before I went, I would have sought out many more of the treasures you unfold, places to go, food and culture. Loved the book, I read it with a smile. Thanks for sharing.

    Lynn May


    • Thanks Lyn for such a beautiful review. I am glad i brought back good memories and gave you some enjoyable moments while reading it! Bronte


  2. Hey Bron
    Helen here, just read your excerpt…i asked Carmellina how you were last year and she said you had been living in Italy.
    So to read this and see how happy you are makes me laugh! I can so imagine you there.
    I hope all is well with you. xx


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